Everyone Has A Story

I was recently at an event where the theme was “story” How to tell our stories, why it is important to tell them and how it matters in our business.

My Balinese Scarf

Lisa Larter and me at MMM 2018. Wearing my Balinese scarf

My initial thought was “I don’t have much of a story to tell” but as I talked to people, listened to their stories I realized we all have a story to tell. Some are bigger, some are bolder and some are ordinary every day stories. What I learned was, that ordinary every day story could change someone’s life, or at least make them look at their circumstances in a different way.

Derek Halpern, the founder of Social Triggers and a master at marketing, was one of the speakers at the event.  I had the opportunity to chat with him afterwards. While chatting he asked me what I did and how did I market my business. What story was I telling? When I was put on the spot for a story, I told him the story of this beautiful Balinese lady. Every day when we went in to town I would see her with a stack of scarves on top of her head. “Lady, pretty lady” she would call out “Scarf today?” I would always say thank you no, and keep on walking. Finally on the last day we would be in Ubud, while waiting for our shuttle I saw her coming up the road. That day I finally bought a scarf from her. Keeping it simple, I chose the scarf she had in her arms, and gave her the small amount of money she asked for. Her reaction was so heartwarming, as she told me she would now go buy food for her kids for dinner that night.

I choose to believe that my small purchase made a difference to her, and every time I wear this scarf I think of this lady. It is encounters like these that fuel my desire to travel as well as finding beautiful scarves to share with you!

Balinese Scarf Lady in Ubud, Bali

Balinese Scarf Lady in Ubud, Bali

I have started keeping track of the stories I would tell my friends when we would chat over coffee. Things that happened on my trips, things that at the time seem insignificant but when I get home they are the things I remember and share. Some of the stories are from my past, childhood memories and daring teenage adventures. The friends I have met along the way have added to and shaped my story as well. All of these stories have come together to make me who I am today.

Although I only bought one scarf from the scarf lady in my story, I have many pretty scarves from Bali.

Fabulous Patterns on the Batik Scarves

Fabulous Patterns on the Batik Scarves

Keeping traditional alive are part of what Ikat Batik in Ubud, Bali is about. I met the owner and was thrilled to bring home these gorgeous cotton, naturally dyed indigo scarves. To see more click here: https://wanderlustscarves.com/product/balinese-cotton-batik-collection/




  1. Gisele

    I love your stories. All of them!

  2. coco

    What a lovely story! I am sure it did make a difference to that woman.

  3. Janice MacPherson

    I love stories about Bali! When I was there in 2015 I bought a sarong-style scarf from a woman on the beach. We bartered a bit on the price because that seems to be the way in Bali. When we settled on the price, I realized I didn’t have enough money with me to pay her. She spoke very little English, but I gave her the money I had, took the sarong, and told her I would be right back with the rest of the cash. I ran back to my hotel room, got more money, and brought it to her. She was shocked that I had kept my word, and blessed me. I love the sarong I bought from her that day, and I was glad to give her a little more faith in tourists. (maybe!)

    • Heidi McLaren

      I’m sure you did Janice! Great story. Thank you for sharing.


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