A Scarf is the Perfect Gift

For the scarf lover in your life

Gift Giving Guide 


Sometimes it is hard to choose a gift for someone. That’s why I put together this guide to help you choose!

COLOUR: Think about what colour your gift recipient likes to wear, or a favourite outfit they wear. Usually people wear colours that make them feel good.

LIGHTWEIGHT OR COZY:  Is your person always chilly, looking for a sweater, or are they more on the hot blooded side?If they are cool, choose a cosy pashmina, or a superfine wool, or cashmere. If they are warmer, one of the silk scarves may be for them, or the super light weight bamboo. All natural fibres breathe and are comfortable for anyone to wear.

PATTERN: When choosing a pattern think classic floral, graphic pattern, modern abstract, global print. On the other hand maybe no pattern is the best choice.Try and think about their home decor, that can give you hints about what way their taste leans.

SIZE: How tall or short is your person? A very large scarf could be overwhelming on a very petite person, on the other hand a smaller scarf could look skimpy on a very tall or larger person.

Still stuck? How about a gift certificate and they can choose their own scarf?

Purchase a Gift Certificate

Don’t stress about buying the perfect scarf. Purchase a gift certificate and let them choose themselves.

Need more help? Ask me for a personalized recommendation.

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