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Creativity feeds the soul, calms the mind and opens your eyes to infinite possibilities.

Have I always been creative? A few years ago I would have answered no to this question, but after much learning and discovery around what exactly being creative actually means, I now say “Yes, I have been creative all my life!”

Whether you are a cook, gardener, painter, musician or a human you are creative. For most of us though we see creativity through the lens of famous creatives and think, well I am not that.

I would like to see everyone embrace their creativity, make the most of what they love to do and share it with the world.

current creative journey


I participated in a 100 day project beginning January 1st 2021. This project inspired me to continue to paint small watercolours and have named them ArtCards as they are perfect little framable paintings. The paintings are inset into small slits in to the front of a natural kraft 5×7 greeting card, making them easy to remove for framing.
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Art Cards

To purchase the cards please email me at: heidi@heidimclarencreative.com I am happy to send photos of available cards or customize a watercolour card for you.

A few sample cards shown below.

Please visit my Instagram account.

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Custom Art Cards

If you would like any custom ArtCards please reach out to me at heidi@heidimclarencreative.com