Look Better, Feel Better, Do Better

I love to shop and travel which is how this journey began, I loved bringing home scarves from my travels. For me it was meant to be, but for you my customer, it is more than just me selling scarves.

My nature is to please and make people happy, so when I am in Shanghai or exploring Chiang Mai and I find scarves I like, I envision a particular scarf on a friend. I choose each and every scarf personally and I get a lot of pleasure from this.

I truly believe that when you feel good in your clothes you will do better in your day to day life. When I was growing up my father was in the military and wore a uniform including a tie everyday for work. He would come home from work, change out of his uniform and put on a new shirt AND tie. He constantly talked about wearing clothes that made you feel good about yourself. It is not about size either, it is about dressing your beautiful body as it is! I have always believed this and I want you to know that it is not being vain for you to want to look good and feel good, I feel it is necessary to have the confidence to put yourself out there and conquer the world! When you feel good in your clothes you stand taller, sit straighter and exude confidence.

A scarf is a small way to help you feel better in your clothes. A simple plain outfit or coat can be brightened up with a scarf. I cannot tell you the joy I feel when I put a scarf on a client and I see their face light up. The following examples show a simple black tunic/dress with 6 different looks. In addition to a scarf I have added a belt and a jacket, all things I had in my wardrobe. Most of us have accessories tucked away that we never use so get them out and play!


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