My Five Picks To Improve Your Travel Comfort Experience

I’ve been getting organized this past week for a family vacation. My husband and I are heading down to Florida to meet up with our son, his fiancé and her family for a week long caribbean cruise. A perfect way for all of us to get to know each other in a nice relaxed setting. All this packing and planning got me to thinking about what my must haves are for any trip. Whether I am heading out on a Thailand adventure, a family cruise vacation or a road trip with friends. There are certain things I always bring. Today i am going to tell you about five of my current favs!

The Bag

Let’s start with the bag. I am a huge fan of travelling carry when I am flying. Why? I will talk about that in an upcoming post. My current favourite suitcase is a SwissGear International Carryon Extra Light. It is affordable at under $100.00 CND and weighs in at just over 3 pounds it means you can easily fit in what you need for a week or two away. I love that is a 4 wheel case, it makes it so easy to maneuver and I love that the handle is a double bar. Why you ask? Well that means my personal item, my favourite is slips right over the handle, so I only have one thing to worry about, and it also means I have a free hand for my triple almond milk latte! Have a look here:


The thing that gives me peace and quiet

The first thing that goes in to my bag are my Bose noise canceling headphones. I have recently upgraded to these Bose headphones and let me tell you I will never get on to an airplane with out these. They help me relax and sleep on the plane by dulling the engine noise significantly, while giving a great sound experience for your music, movies or podcasts that you listen to while traveling. The other secret I am going to share with you is that I use them most nights to help me fall asleep at home and they are great for noisy hotel rooms too! Have a look here:

My favourite everyday footwear

Summer or winter I always travel with my Olukai flip flops. They are a super comfortable everyday flip flop with great arch support, I can walk miles in them. I have a hard to fit foot and they are great for me. They are perfect for use in the hotel room as my in room slippers. Check the women’s version out here:

  And the men’s here:

My secret is that I actually order the men’s version. I have wide feet and find the size 7 men’s perfect for me!

What helps me sleep

The next item is small but very important to me, especially if I am taking a long flight. My Nidra eye mask. I use an eye mask most nights at home to sleep so it was perfectly natural for me to use one on the plane. If you haven’t tried using one I highly recommend them, most definitely for your long flights. This Nidra mask is very comfortable, with it’s outward pockets for your eyes, and an adjustable strap, it is a must have. You can find it here:

My Scarf

Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without a scarf. An absolute must have for me for the plane, in an air-conditoned restaurant or car. My favourite for travel is my bamboo scarf. It is lightweight, soft as a cloud, comes in many colours, can be used as a scarf, a blanket, a sarong. You can see them here:

As you can see it only takes a few items to improve your comfort when traveling. An easily maneuverable bag, comfortable footwear, quiet and comfort on the plane with a few simple items. I hope this helps and drop a comment below about what you must have with you when you travel! I love hearing from you.

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  1. Eleanor

    Great ideas. I hadn’t considered an eye mask before.
    BTW hope you and your family have a wonderful trip!


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