Italian Market Scarves


On a recent trip to Italy I found these fun scarves at a small, local market in Rome. Finding Italian made scarves proved to be difficult on this trip as I was on a strict schedule and pre-planned itinerary. I decided you know me well enough that even though these are not made in Italy, I would choose great scarves for you. Sometimes you want a fun scarf that isn’t too precious. Who doesn’t want to say they’re wearing Italian Market Scarves!

I have nine scarves to offer from the market. All are a version of viscose, which I have come to have a great appreciation for. It is soft, colourful and easy to care for. All of these scarves are oblong, my personal favourite for styling.

Approximate Size: 27″ x 70″ (68cm x 175cm)


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Italian Market Scarves

Teal Plaid, Blue Plaid, Pink Grey Geometric, Ombre Light, Ombre Dark, Embroidered Circles Grey, Embroidered Circles Black, Embroidered Circles Red, Embroidered Circles Navy

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