Maggies – The Original Fashion Magnet


Maggies – The Original Fashion Magnet

I am beyond thrilled to be an approved dealer for Maggies- The Original Fashion Magnet, and to introduce you to Maggies. These fasteners are the perfect solution for those times when your scarf just doesn’t want to stay where you put it. Maggies also allow you to play with your scarf and style it in many different ways. These magnets will hold any two fabrics together so just use your imagination and you will find loads of uses for Maggies.

The Triple Pack includes a small, medium and large fastener set. The small is for lightweight fabrics, medium for mid-weight fabrics and the large for heavier or thicker fabrics. I have attached the “official” Maggies instructional videos for you to see, but I will be doing some of my own video for you.

WARNING! Maggies are not a toy, and should not be used by children. In case of ingestion, seek immediate medical attention. Not advised for pacemaker wearers.

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