Vila Cini Luxurious Woven Silk


Vila Cini is a beautiful high end shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. When I discovered Vila Cini I was so excited to choose a few beautiful and very different scarves to bring home for you! The scarves produced for this luxurious shop are truly unique in how they are woven. Strands of silk are woven, basketweave style into gorgeous patterns.

This is the largest size scarf of my offerings from Vila Cini, with a diamond pattern woven into pretty stripes of vibrant colour. The method of weaving the silk give the scarf a dense, cushiony body, yet so light you hardly know you have it on! The feel of this scarf was describe to me by a friend, “silky, like strands of milkweed fibres”.¬†Truly extraordinary, this scarf is pure luxury.

Approximate Size 23″ x 68″ (57cm x 170cm)


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