Studio Naenna – A Beautiful Surprise Just Outside Chiang Mai

Travel is a passion of mine for many reasons. I truly believe everyone should see the world, experience other cultures, eat their food, listen to their music. The surprising thing is that very often what happens is you see your life in an entirely different way. Travel opens your mind and your heart.

While exploring a new city, sometimes you come across a very special place when you least expect it. Studio Naenna is one of those places. Tucked away in a quiet, rural neighbourhood of Chiang Mai, Studio Naenna is a textile studio, but really it is an art studio, with fabric as the medium. Founded by an Australian woman over 3o years ago, Studio Naenna supports a weaver’s co-operative to help the local women weavers with providing quality raw materials, family support and of course ensure they are fairly paid for their work.

I was thrilled to be able to purchase a selection of scarves to bring home for you from the studio. Enjoy more here:



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