Indulge Your Wanderlust…with Heidi!

A Life-Changing, Luxury Spa Holiday and

“Soft Adventure” for Women

Chiang Mai, Thailand

January 17-25, 2019

Are You Looking for an Adventure?

  • Are you a woman who has dreamt about seeing the world beyond the “usual” vacation spots—but something has been holding you back?
  • Maybe you’re intimidated about traveling someplace “exotic” for the first time.
  • Maybe you have a travel companion—but they don’t want to visit the same places you do.
  • Or maybe you don’t have a travel companion at all…and you’d rather not do it alone!

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Hi, I’m Heidi, Owner of wanderlust Scarves.

I’m inviting you to come explore the jewel of Northern Thailand with me.

This custom small-group tour is perfect for women who:

* Are ready to turn their “adventure dream” into a reality *

* Want to feel more empowered and more confident about tackling the world *

* Want to push their boundaries a bit (but not to the extreme) *


Plus, get ready to make transformative friendships and memories to last a lifetime!


“A slower, more luxurious and relaxed way to travel”

What your Chiang Mai luxury spa holiday includes

5-star boutique accommodations and tons of fun activities:

7-night 5-star accommodation at luxury spa boutique hotel Oasis Baan Saen Doi 

Tucked away in a quiet residential neighbourhood this boutique hotel is one of my favourite places on earth. Only 11 rooms in two buildings. We will take over the Presidential Suite, complete with its own pool and cabana, kitchen, dining room and direct access to the spa.

One-hour pampering spa treatment

The Oasis Spa is a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Chiang Mai and I wanted to make sure everyone got to experience this wonderful Thai experience. You can choose a one hour treatment for your pleasure.

A day with elephants, at an elephant sanctuary

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Chiang Mai. These gently creatures are often ill treated and there are many sanctuaries in the area dedicated to helping these beautiful animals. We will spend a day learning about their lives, feeding and walking with them in the Thai jungle.

Half-day organized tour of the city and temples of Chiang Mai

Depending on our arrival time on day one, I plan on a half day tour of the city with some temple highlights to get you oriented to this wonderful city.

Thai cooking lessons at a local school, plus a chef-guided market outing

Located on a farm outside of the city The Thai Farm Cooking School is a fun way to learn about Thai food and cooking. We take a trip to the market with the chef and cook ourselves a wonderful meal.

An evening shopping excursion to the Night Bazaar (a can’t-miss experience!)

An excursion to the Sunday Night Market is not to be missed. The plan is to relax on Sunday at the hotel then head in to town to watch the locals set up shop, wait for the sun to go down and shop and eat our way through the market. Many vendors only set up at the Sunday Night Market and the quality of the goods sold here is a cut above average. Tons of fun.

Learning traditional indigo dyeing methods at a textile studio

I discovered this lovely studio on my last trip to Chiang Mai. The owners from Australia, taught for years at the university in Chiang Mai all about traditional textiles. She started a weavers co-operative for the local woman to ensure they were fairly paid for their work. Now her daughter has taken over much of the day to day running of things and offers workshops at the main studio showing how to use natural indigo dyes. We will spend the morning with Lamorna learning all about the traditional methods used and dye our own piece to take home. Then have a delicious lunch at her recommended lunch spot in town. We had a great lunch there and I can’t wait to take you.

Artist experience with Joanne Lauzon from InDetail Creative

We are lucky enough to have with us as my assistant and art director, Joanne Lauzon of InDetail Creative, who will open our eyes to the beauty of Chiang Mai through the eyes of an artist. We will all have a sketch book of our own and Joanne will guide us through creating memories of our trip in a unique and creative way.

Lots of free time to rest, rejuvenate, or explore as you please

Go scarf shopping with Heidi, wander the markets on your own, or maybe you’d like to visit a temple or to try some Thai street food. There’s lots to do in Chiang Mai, but if you’re feeling lazy and just want to lay by the hotel pool, that’s great too! This time is yours to do as you please.

What else is included:

* Transport to and from the Chiang Mai airport *

* All breakfasts *

* 6 dinners and 3 lunches *

* Transportation in the city for all planned excursions *

* Gratuities*

Indulge your wanderlust…book your spot today!

* Packages starting at $3,499.00 CAD

EARLY BOOKING BONUS: Reserve your spot before July 1, 2018 and save $250! *

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The finer print:

Pricing is based on double occupancy and does not include the following: airfare, alcoholic beverages, dinner the evening of the Night Market, some lunches, personal shopping, transportation or admission prices for personal/unplanned excursions on “free” days, and extra spa treatments.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Heidi McLaren, owner and founder of Wanderlust Scarves. Wanderlust Scarves was inspired by my love of travel. I have explored many parts of this beautiful world to find the most unique, luxurious, eye-catching scarves. Now, I am fulfilling a new dream… To share my favourite parts of the world with women who wish to indulge their own wanderlust—especially women who wouldn’t normally do this sort of thing!

Throughout my travels, I have found my “happy place” in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is so much to love about this city! The people. The food. The history. The culture. This custom tour includes absolutely everything I love about Chiang Mai. In joining me, I hope it will become your happy place too—and maybe even ignite within you a new passion for international travel!

About My Assistant

Joining us on our adventure is my artist friend, Joanne T. Lauzon. Through her business, inDetail Creative, Joanne offers workshops, classes, parties, and retreats which guide women to connect with their creative spirits. Her simple, fun, beginner-friendly lessons prove we all have an artist within.

On our Chiang Mai trip, guests will receive an art journal, travel watercolour set, a water brush, sketching pens and pencils. Joanne will show us ways to capture inspiring moments, and document memorable experiences.

Like many of you perhaps, Joanne has never traveled overseas, and is beyond excited to share this adventure with you!

Kind Words from A Fellow Traveller

Heidi loves to plan and research travel and I don’t! Because of her passion for travel, it’s easy to travel with her. I have been on several overseas trips with Heidi, the most recent being to Shanghai. Needless to say, I was apprehensive about the long flight, but Heidi had lots of practical advice for me, not to mention being a fun travel companion. She had a general but flexible itinerary and knowledge of the local currency and transportation. She knew where to go for the shopping we wanted to do – some of it personal, some for her scarf business, I just had to stay alongside her, it made my trip so enjoyable not having to fret all the little details.

Eleanor S.

Ottawa, ON

Pure luxury at the lovely Oasis Baan Saen Doi Boutique Hotel.


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Experience the unique flavours of Thai cuisine


I’ve only been to the US, resorts in the Caribbean, and the UK—I’ve never been to a country where they don’t speak English or French. Should I be worried about personal safety?

I understand; the idea of international travel beyond the “usual” spots can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating! But having been to Asia numerous times already, I can honestly say Chiang Mai is the perfect location for making your first foray into more “exotic” international travel. The wonderfully warm, gentle Thai people who live there create a very safe vibe throughout the city. Moreover, because the trip will be a small group of women, I will be there with you every step of the way (including taking you through the airports and flying with you)—allowing you to feel more at ease and able to enjoy your time!

How many women will be on the trip?

Our group will consist of at least six women. So if you’d like to come along, tell your women friends and relatives—I’d love for all of you to join me!

What if I don’t know anyone on the trip?

Come anyway! Because we will be a small group of women, it will feel much more like going with a group of friends. It will feel much different than if you were to go with a large group on a tour. Our team of women will be doing all sorts of fun things together, creating bonding experiences and friendships to last a lifetime.

Is there anything else I need to know?

This trip is being organized by me; however, I will connect you with my travel agent to book your flights so we will all be on the same flights. I also would like to let you know that depending on which flights we book the departure day could vary slightly as some flights leave late at night and some are early morning. TBD

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