Wanderlust Is Heading to Bali! Want To Know My Two Best Travel Tips?

Welcome to 2018 everyone! I couldn’t be happier heading in to year two of running my Wanderlust Scarves business. I have taken a couple of weeks to be “mostly” off of social media while I gave some thought to the direction I am going to take Wanderlust Scarves. My love of travel is what sparked me to start Wanderlust Scarves and it is this passion that will direct me as my business grows.

Nothing is going to change as far as me offering globally sourced beautiful scarves. I am refining my purchasing decisions so that I will always have the very best quality scarves at affordable prices. I want to also add some interesting related products, such as fun jewelry pieces, scarf accessories, sarongs and more offerings for the men in our lives. If there is something you would like to find on the Wanderlust Scarves website let me know in the comments below!

Have I mentioned to you before how much I like to organize and plan? This planning ‘bug’ has been with me since i was about 7 years old and organizing a ball bouncing contest in our basement at CFB Trenton. All this planning energy over the years has been put in to planning trips for our family, my girlfriends and anyone else who says “we’re thinking of going to….” and I’m on it. This has lead me to start Wanderlust Scarves Travel.

Wanderlust Scarves Travel is in the very early stages of planning and I will be keeping you posted over the coming months. Imagine if you will, a small group of like minded women who love to travel, shop and want a bit of soft adventure, going together to a special place like Chiang Mai, Thailand, Bali or maybe Shanghai or Italy. I have met so many women who are at a place in their lives where they want to travel and see a bit of the world, but either don’t have someone to go with, don’t know where to begin to plan it, or simple have no interest in the planning. I will plan the trip, including excursions, most meals, flights and accompany you to the location as your guide (finding local guides for the particular destination), you will just bring your passport, relax and enjoy.

And now for two of my best travel tips!

My one thing I always pack for a trip is, no surprise, a scarf. I am heading to Thailand and Bali this month to source some scarves and to scout out locations for upcoming adventures. I love to pack carry-on only if possible and of course a couple of scarves always make their way in to my bag. Scarves double up as a blanket on the plane, a coverup for the beach and a shawl for those cool air-conditioned restaurants, not to mention a fashion accessory. When I am going to a warm weather destination my bamboo scarf is my go to for travel, lightweight, versatile and all the best colours too.

My best packing advice if you want to go carry-on only is to use packing cubes. In my carry-on backpack the long narrow style fit well, with the addition of one or two smaller square packing cubes, all my items fit in well. Using packing cubes allows you to organize your clothes, compress them and I feel they help with the tendency to overpack. There are a few different styles to choose from including the square, light weight ones I have from M.E.C. and the long narrow version from Amazon. Give it a try, it is very freeing to travel lighter, the Wanderlust way!

Scarf hugs to all,



  1. Gisele

    Really exciting news about Wanderlust Scarves Travel! Sounds like a perfect fit for you!

    Thanks for the travel trips. One of my Wanderlust bamboo scarves is already packed in my carry-on for my trip to Mexico on Friday. It’ll be a nice soft blanket for the plane! Enjoy your exciting adventure coming up, and I can’t wait to see your photos (and scarves, of course)!

  2. Ruth connor

    Love scarves.


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